Whether you are at the beginning of a new partnership or are already fully established, at

Cunningham & Co Accountants our dedicated and experienced staff can help your partnership

business with all of your tax and accountancy requirements.

A business operating as a partnership shares control, accountability and finances between two and

up to 20 people. The partners are not only responsible for managing the business, but also jointly

and severally liable for any debts incurred by the business and the profits are often shared between

the partners as defined in a written agreement determined prior to start up.

Some of our Business Services include:

  •  Advice on Business Start Up
  •  The pros and cons of setting up a partnership
  •  The legal requirements of the Partners
  •  Book Keeping Services
  •  Payroll Service
  •  Business Plans
  •  Cash Flow Projections
  •  Tax advisory Services
  •  Tax Registration with Revenue Commissioners
  •  Partners Tax Returns ( Form 1 Firms )
  •  Personal Income Tax returns ( Form11)

Every step of the way

We at Cunningham & Co will be there to guide you in making the right decisions.

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